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Xylitol is a natural sweetener, extracted from the fiber of many plants and fruits. .

Nutritionally, xylitol has fewer calories than sugar. (Xylitol contains about 2.4 calories per gram, versus 4 calories per gram of sugar.).

Xylitol is quite common in nature; it's even produced in our bodies as a healthy part of our metabolic system.

But while xylitol is all-natural and doesn't require chemical processing, it's also as sweet as refined sugar without the harmful decay that we know sugar can trigger in teeth.

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Bacteria love sugar. When we eat the sweet stuff, we're actually feeding the harmful bacteria in our mouths by giving them the energy to metabolize. That metabolic process produces the harmful acids that decay our teeth.

Xylitol doesn't feed bacteria in the same way that sugar does. Bacteria in our mouth don't metabolize xylitol, so those pesky acids aren't produced. And it does more than
just forestall acid production: Xylitol makes our mouth salivate more, and creates a natural "rinse" to keep sugars off our teeth.

As you use more xylitol, the bacteria colony in the mouth changes. Bacteria that contribute to plaque or cavities become less prevalent, creating a healthier environment
for our oral health.

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Our all-natural candies are a terrific alternative to decay-causing sugar candies.

Indulging in a sweet treat doesn't have to mean you're harming your body. Our xylitol candies aren't just "better" than sugar candies because they avoid decay; regular use of xylitol-based products can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

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“Great job in offering a healthy product that is also tasty!  I wish my kids would be offered something like this at their dentist’s office.”
Daniel Seicianu
“My 7 year old daughter loved it!  The best part was that I didn’t feel bad about giving her candy.”
Pamela Kurtz
“I have found these candies to last quite a long time and the flavor is good.  I especially like the berry flavored one versus the strawberry or orange.  It is more flavorful to me.” 
Michelle Newell